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The Mission of The River Radius Podcast is to foster respect & understanding of rivers so that there is conservation of rivers and riparian zones. 


The River Radius is a podcast that works to capture the culture of those running rivers, working on and with rivers, using water from rivers and conserving the quality of rivers.  This captured culture will be shared via crafted podcast episodes available on this website, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.   We will travel to the story and learn the details first hand when we can.  Other times, we will communicate with our guests via a phone or video conference. We encourage and welcome our listeners to share ideas and connections for future episodes.  Our best resource for what is unique and important will come from those who listen to The River Radius.  While The River Radius is born where the Rocky Mountains meet the Colorado Plateau, we plan to cover river culture across the United States, other countries and continents.  Our plan is to keep all episodes of The River Radius free to all listeners.  If you or your business would like to sponsor The River Radius, contact us.  If you like what you hear on The River Radius, please share widely; if you don’t like what you hear, we encourage you to contact us and help us understand. Thanks for listening.  


For many years Sam Carter, host of The River Radius, had a volunteer talk radio show about rivers called River Radio on a public radio station, KSJD, in southwest Colorado.  After seven years of hosting this show on and off, Sam decided to move away from the public radio sector.  From here The River Radius Podcast was born with the intention and action of creating a podcast that will live on-line and be accessible to all who decide to follow and subscribe. 




Sam Carter has been engaged with rivers since he was a kid. Growing up he had a creek in his backyard where he made tree limb boats, frequently went to the shores of the Mississippi with his Dad, canoed on the rivers of the Ozarks, and even messed around on lakes sailing little Sunfish boats with his Mom.  In high school his Dad took him out west to meet the waters of the Intermountain West.  The Lochsa in Idaho (pic to left) with the commercial outfitter, ROW, was where it started and on that trip Sam knew he was going to live in the Rockies and be a river guide.  That is what happened.  Today Sam lives at the edge of the Southern Rockies and the Colorado Plateau.  He has worked as a commercial river guide throughout the southwest United States, boats on private trips across the west, has worked as the BLM River Ranger on the Dolores River, served on the Board of Directors of Dolores River Boating Advocates(DRBA) for several years, started River Radio on KSJD, and is planning to traverse the Great Plains by boat with microphone in hand. His personal boat is a 14’ stubnose Jack’s Plastic Cat with a custom frame from Eddyline Welding.  In addition to The River Radius, Sam has also worked as a backcountry guide and high school teacher for many years.  Today, Sam works as trainer of professional development focused on behavior and culture.  Sam loved radio as a kid listening to many stations for music, Cardinal baseball and news.  In college he worked as a volunteer DJ at the college radio station and then took over a down and out talk radio show and worked it up to a popular and respected show.  After a few moves geographically, he eventually developed River Radio and found a combination that melded many of Sam’s passions: radio, rivers and truth.  Today Sam has the recording gear packed in a Pelican case and is traveling to the rivers for The River Radius.  



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