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The Poudre River is a river in Colorado that has water added to it at is headwaters and now the majority of the river is up for grabs by water projects on the Front Range of Colorado.  It is also a Wild and Scenic River that starts at the Continental Divide in Rocky Mountain National Park.  And yet there are options for what happens to its flows.  


CONFLUENCE is a new book about rivers in the American West, cultural interactions that lay just beyond the banks of these rivers, and the adventures to capture these stories. Zak is a new literary influence in the genre of rivers and tells us about his new book and the forces that influence his writing.


By living his life the way he wanted, Herm Hoops found himself becoming a river lover, a river boater and a man pursuing his life on his terms. He chased passion instead of career. He stood up for rivers and learned that was conservation. He found his dream job.


13 boaters launched down the Grand Canyon in February 2020 for a 25 day journey. They emerged from the canyon on March 14 to the corona virus pandemic. This is a story about moving from bliss to a TP shortage in the course of one day.


The Selway River in Idaho has hosted humans for thousands of years with Salmon and Steelhead fisheries, resources to build shelters, and amazing water. Over the summers of 2018 and 2019 archeological research has been conducted on the Selway to clarify and protect the artifacts in the river valley. Jeff Adams explains as much as he can, the story of humans along the Selway long before the Europeans arrived.


2020 is here and this short episode explains what to expect on the podcast this year, and what was happening behind the scenes last year.



Jenny and Mike Fiebig decided to go on one long river journey. 138 days. Wyoming to Mexico. Source to Sea on the Green River. This is their story of being a human on a river trip.


Cataract Canyon in Utah can host the biggest whitewater in North America. In 1983 it had flows over 100,000 CFS. Two commercial river trips were stuck in Cataract for that highwater and their guides tell their story.

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